• During SP’21 I am funded as a research assistant studying applications of topological data analysis to cancer genomics.


  • Instructor of Record at NCSU for MA 241 – Calculus II (Summer I ’20)
  • Recitation Leader at NCSU for MA 241 – Calculus II (SP’20)
  • Recitation Leader at NCSU for MA 242 – Calculus III (FA’19)
  • Grader at NCSU for MA 305 – Introductory Linear Algebra (Summer I ’19)
  • Lecture Assistant at NCSU for MA 121 – Elements of Calculus (SP’19)
  • Lecture Assistant at NCSU for MA 121 – Elements of Calculus (FA’18)


Instructor of Record: Designs and holds lectures multiple times a week. Holds office hours for three hours a week and writes exams. During summer sessions an instructor of record often grades exams as well.

Recitation Leader: A recitation leader holds problem sessions multiple times a week for students. Problems of a similar nature to the homework problems are discussed and occasionally topics which weren’t covered in class are lectured on. Additional responsibilities include holding 2 hours of office hours a week and grading exams.

Lecture Assistant: A lecture assistant holds 3 hours of office hours a week, tutors for 3 hours a week in the math tutoring center and grades exams.

Grader: Grades exams and provides feedback to students about their errors.


I have been a TA for calc 1, 2 and 3 at NC State. As part of my duties as a TA I have tutored in the math multimedia center which has drop in tutoring for whichever class students need help with. During undergrad I was a peer tutor at Northeastern University where I was responsible for scheduled visits as well as walk-ins for 8 courses including calc 1-3, group theory etc. Additionally I have tutored abstract algebra, linear programming and middle school algebra. I have experience tutoring online as well as in person.

Feel free to reach out to me for information about scheduling tutoring sessions and my rates.