Email: jkaslam at ncsu dot edu

Office: 208 Language and Computer Labs

Hey! My name’s Jai and I’m a 4th year graduate student at North Carolina State University. My main interests are topology, algebra, combinatorics and the intersection of these fields. In particular, I study chromatic graph homology and applications of topological data analysis to cancer genomics. My advisor is Radmila Sazdanović. I’m originally from Maine and I went to undergrad at Northeastern University where I studied math and computer science.

When I’m not doing math, you’ll probably find me cooking, playing tennis or playing ultimate. I’m vegan and I run an Instagram page @jaicooks, where I hopefully succeed in showing that vegan food can be delicious.

During undergrad I was president of Northeastern’s Club Tennis Team and competed at nationals twice. In 2018 I won the largest tournament in Maine, which served as the perfect sendoff to grad school. I currently play USTA sanctioned leagues and tournaments.

Blueberry Pie – A Maine Specialty












Blakeman 2018 – Portland, ME